Certification Process Overview

STEP 1: PEO applicants submit a brief online application, pay the application fee, and provide the supporting documents listed in Table 3 of the Program Manual.
STEP 2: CI reviews submitted materials and helps the PEO ensure risk management capabilities and policies/procedures required by the best practices are in place.
STEP 3: CI randomly selects 5 clients from the PEO’s confidentially coded client data (no client names required) and requests information specified in Table 2 of the Program Manual. (Some payroll software vendors have programmed a “single click” client list export function as a service to WC certified PEOs.)
STEP 4: CI reviews submitted information for the selected clients and verifies best practices are being appropriately implemented.
STEP 5: CI documents its review, submits results to the program’s Certification Committee for review and approval, and notifies the PEO of the results.
STEP 1: Certified PEOs receive an annual email reminder to submit updated confidentially coded client data from which CI randomly selects 5 clients (3 clients for PEOs that have completed two annual reviews) to review the information outlined in Table 2 of the Program Manual.
STEP 2: Certified PEOs update both their annual ‘management attestation’ and supporting documents as detailed in Table 3 of the Program Manual, and pay the annual certification monitoring fee.
STEP 3: CI reviews submitted information to verify continuing compliance with best practice requirements, documents its review and notifies the PEO of its ongoing certification approval.

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