Fee Schedule

An initial application fee is paid upon application submittal, with annual certification monitoring fees paid thereafter. NAPEO members and ESAC accredited PEOs receive a discount since their member and participation fees helped underwrite initial development of the program.

The fee amount is determined by the following schedule based on the firm’s most recent year-end IRS Form 940 annual wages:

Annual FeeInitial Application Fee
Annual Gross 940 WagesDiscounted Fee*Regular FeeDiscounted Fee*Regular Fee
Less than $15 million$2,450$3,675$3,450$4,675
$15 to $25 million$2,950$4,425$3,950$5,425
$25 to $50 million$3,250$4,875$4,250$5,875
$50 to $150 million$4,750$7,125$5,750$8,125
$150 to $300 million$6,450$9,675$7,450$10,675
$300 to $500 million$6,950$10,425$7,950$11,425
$500 million and above$7,450$11,175$8,450$12,175

*Discounted fee for NAPEO members or ESAC accredited PEOs.